Advantage Central Asia



“KAZAKH INVEST”, having a wide network of representatives abroad and in the regions of the republic, on the principle of “one window” provides a full range of services to support investment projects from idea to implementation and in the post-investment period and also acts as a single coordination center for special economic zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan. KAZAKH INVEST plays the role of: • A single negotiator representing the interests of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in discussing the prospects and conditions for the implementation of investment projects; • A single access point to the system of public services, including both state support to investors in the form of investment preferences, and the issuance of various permits and approvals necessary for the implementation and further operation of investment projects.

Cluster Engineering Center of the Samara Region (Russia)

The engineering division of the Samara Aerospace Cluster (more than 44,000 employees of 62 companies, including 14 industrial companies, 24 small business companies, 3 Universities and 2 research institutes). The Engineering Center is a designer and manufacturer of a model range of unmanned aerial vehicles for multilevel operational monitoring of the Earth.


InterTradeService is a Belarusian company focused on trade within the EAEU. Represents the interests of Advantage Kazakhstan in Belarus.

Trade Mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russian Federation

The Trade Mission of Kazakhstan in Russia (Trade Representation) is a state body representing the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of foreign economic activity. The main priorities of the Trade Mission: • protecting interests and assisting a Kazakhstan exporter or distributor in entering and securing on the Russian trading market free of charge; • development of investment potential, improving the investment climate of Kazakhstan by attracting foreign investment; • development of tourism potential of Kazakhstan. The trade mission promotes the organization of business meetings and negotiations at various levels between the Kazakhstani business community and representatives of Russian authorities and companies with the aim of developing international cooperation, exchanging experience, establishing business contacts and searching for potential partners, thus assisting domestic companies in implementing specific projects in Russia; provides assistance to Kazakhstan participants in organizing congress and exhibition events, in preparing joint stands in order to optimize the costs of Kazakhstan participants. At such events, we are proud to present our domestic manufacturer to the attention of the Russian trading audience.

AeroProgress (France)

Company AeroProgress (France) began its work in 2010 with joint international projects in the field of aviation. Then the company diversified its business by developing consulting in the field of international industrial business and related business support. Represents the interests of Advantage Kazakhstan in France and Germany.

CarteBlancheVoyage (France)

It provides concierge services in Europe: from turnkey organization of work at exhibitions, business meetings, seminars and press conferences to individual tourism of company executives and VIPs.


UniTop is a service and logistics company operating in the markets of the Baltic countries for more than 7 years. Represents Advantage Kazakhstan in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

POW’AERO (France - China)

(France - China) - developer and manufacturer of a family of multi-functional engines with power up to 1,000 hp