Advantage Central Asia


Jean-Francois Boisson is appointed Vice President – Strategy at Advantage Kazakhstan. He graduated from Paris-Dauphine University, has a PhD in economics and IAE in business management. He holds a Master in Electronic. Mr. Boisson has more than 40 years of experience in C-level positions in industrial business, including positions of General Manager of Gemini France, Vice President for Bull Group, Vice President Gemalto, Vice President of Pegase aerospace Cluster, and also setlement of more than 20 French companies in Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Canada and EU.

Mr. Boisson’s extensive experience will substantially support Advantage Kazakhstan’s customers. It becomes easier for foreign companies, large and small, to find reliable industrial partners in Kazakhstan and to win major tenders with them being supported by Advantage Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan industrial companies will feel extra input in scope of organization of cost-effective production with international holdings, in integration into international supply chains, in technology transfer, in staff training, in market penetration and in project management in accordance with international standards.