Advantage Central Asia

Economy Indicators

Indicators of the economy of Kazakhstan were made public:
• The share of the shadow economy is almost 26% of GDP.
• The volume of public procurement – € 10.295 billion (4,400 billion tenge). At the same time 75% purchased from a single supplier – without competition.
• During privatization, objects worth € 751 million (321 billion tenge) were sold.
• The main region in the field of oil production – Atyrau, imported goods worth € 233 million (100 billion tenge).
• It is estimated that in 2019 up to 700 small and medium projects will be launched and more than 8,000 jobs created.
This information was reported by Timur Kulibayev – Chairman of the Presidium of the Scientific Production Enterprise “Atameken”, in an interview with the newspaper Liter.
Experts of “Advantage Kazakhstan” draw attention to a significant share of public procurement from a single supplier (€ 7.7 billion), which demonstrates the wide opportunities for new suppliers among the world leaders who are ready to provide partial localization of production in Kazakhstan. This emphasizes that the Kazakhstan market is open to new major players ready to start cooperation.